'About' Page Awesomeness: How to Increase Credibility and Promotion

'About' Page Awesomeness: How to Increase Credibility and Promotion

taught by Lindsey Archibald

Course description

Would it shock you to know that the lowly “About” page is one of the most important on your site?

It’s true.

Most people, when visiting a website for the first time, will click through to your About page to find out:

 Who you are
 What the site is about
 Learn if there is a real person or company behind the scenes
 Find contact information
 And basically see if your personality and philosophy is in line with theirs

These are all important things to consider when visiting a new site. After all, we want to know – and quickly – if we should delve further or move on. You’ve probably looked at your share of About pages, too, so this likely does not come as a surprise.

And that’s true whether the site is selling coffee cups or cat toys or coaching programs.

Even though we know how important the About page is, it’s still one of the most difficult pages to write. We’ve been taught from an early age that bragging is rude, and your About page might feel like you’re showing off.

Many of us have trouble talking about ourselves at all, we struggle to decide between first person or third, and including a picture? No way! Yet all of those things must be tackled if you want your About page to attract your ideal reader and encourage her to investigate your site – and product offers – more fully.

The Real Purpose of Your About Page

Since it’s called the “About” page, you might think a visitor clicks through to learn more about, well, YOU. That is the case, to some extent, but it’s not the real reason they’re compelled to click.

A visitor reads your About page to learn more about what you can do for them.

So while your About page definitely needs to show who you are and why you’re in business, it also needs to encourage visitors to read more, contact you, and maybe even make a purchase.

That’s a lot to expect from a single page, but with a little planning, it’s absolutely doable.

Allow me to introduce you to my mini-course that will help you achieve all of the above: 'About' Page Awesomeness: How to Increase Credibility and Promotion

The Report Covers: (15-pages)

  • About Your “About” Page
  • Take it From the Top
  • Let Your Personality Shine
  • Tell a Compelling Story
  • A Picture Really is Worth 1,000 Words
  • What’s Better Than Pictures?
  • Go Beyond the Basics – Far Beyond
  • Never Miss an Opportunity to Promote Yourself
  • You Really Don’t Have to Go On and On (and On and On)

PLUS, it includes these 10 Powerful Checklists/Worksheets:

  1. Your Blockbuster About Page Call to Action
  2. Your Blockbuster About Page Checklist
  3. Your Blockbuster About Page Inspiration
  4. Your Blockbuster About Page Killer Headline Brainstorm
  5. Your Blockbuster About Page Links and Resources
  6. Your Blockbuster About Page Opt-In Offer
  7. Your Blockbuster About Page Social Media List
  8. Anatomy of an About Page Testimonial
  9. About Page Video Script
  10. Your Blockbuster About Page Vision

PS Not only will you get all this, but for FREE I will also give you a copywriting swipe file and a weekly social media planner.

Have a great day.



Lindsey Archibald
Lindsey Archibald

Hey I’m Lindsey Archibald- founder of The Digital Duchess. 

It’s my mission to transform your financial life by giving you no-nonsense, step-by-step guidance and proven systems that will help you build an audience, generate more sales leads and ultimately make you more money.

The Internet is a crowded place which means there is a lot of money to be made out there. Currently 3.2 billion people log on each day which means there are LOTS of people who need your help and your offers.

Each year I help hundreds of entrepreneurs make money online but it really saddens me to see talented people with awesome business ideas struggle to make ends meet because they don’t know the simple steps to take that will give them true financial freedom. As a result they get frustrated and fed up and they give up on their business dreams as they feel like a complete failure.

Over the course of my career I have launched several online businesses and I have helped clients build their digital audiences and grow their online sales revenues well into six figures.

But there was a time when I was completely broke after being made redundant when the TV Company I worked for went into administration. I lost everything overnight- my glamorous presenting job, my money and my relationship. I got into serious debt and for months I struggled to see how I could ever climb out of the situation I found myself in.

However, I took a chance and hired a mentor on my credit card then I pressed the reset button on my career and my life. I learned everything I could about the digital world. I spent thousands of pounds on learning from some of the best business coaches across the Globe and I turned my career on its head and fully embraced the digital life.

Being made redundant was the best thing that could have happened to me. It was the wake-up call that I needed as I wasn’t happy working in TV. It was the catalyst for a domino effect of good things that set the stage for the awesome life and career I enjoy today.

And now? Well, I do all that I can to pay it forward and help business owners build companies that allow them to live life on their terms.

The core mission of The Digital Duchess coaching sessions and online courses are to provide you with the tools and advice that will speed up your journey towards being a success online.

I am here to help entrepreneurs, coaches, experts and service based businesses stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked.

Being a successful entrepreneur is NOT just for the lucky few who happen to be in the right place at the right time. The difference between them and you is they got help immediately and then they implemented simple strategies that allowed them to grow massively profitable businesses.

There is no great secret to having a dream freedom business, instead there are proven systems that you can start using this week that will help give you the dream business and lifestyle that you deserve.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to unleash your genius and make a huge difference, and a living, in this amazing online word!

See you soon



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