Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Email Marketing: From Hot Mess to Mega Success in 7 Days
    • Seven Reasons Why You Need an Email List in Your Business
  • 2
    What You Need to Know First Before We Start
    • Email Marketing Terminology You Really Need to Know
  • 3
    Autoresponders: Why You Need One and Which One is Best for Your Needs
    • What is an Autoresponder & Why You Need One
    • Autoresponder Comparison & Review: Which One Will You Choose?
    • Course Workbook
  • 4
    List Building FREEBIES that Will Attract Your Ideal Customer
    • 14 Ideas for List Building Freebies
  • 5
    How to Write a Cash Converting Email
    • How to Write a Cash Converting Email
    • Email Copywriting - How To Write Effective Email Copy That Gets Opens and Clicks
    • Power Words That Will Get Your Emails Opened & Your Products and Services Sold
    • 20 Email Subject Line Ideas
    • Power Words and Phrases
  • 6
    Email Templates That Will Get More Clients to Say YES
    • Your Email Templates
  • 7
    How to Create the Perfect Email Series to Sell Products & Services
    • What to Send and When to Send It
    • How to Make Money from Your Email List
  • 8
    How to Get More People to Sign Up to Your Email List
    • Ten Ways to Boost the Number of Subscribers on Your List
  • 9
    And finally... 8 Course Takeaways You Must Action to be a Success at Email Marketing
    • How to Avoid Spamming People When Building Your Email List
    • Conclusion and 8 Tips for List Building Beginners
  • 10
    Email Marketing Checklist to Keep You on Track
    • Email Marketing Checklist
  • 11
    Weekly Email Newsletter Planner
    • Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook
  • 12
    Email Follow-Up Planner that Will Help You Make More Sales & Build Relationships
    • Email Follow-Up Planner
  • 13
    Email Marketing Resource Sheet to Turbocharge Your Efforts
    • Email Marketing Resource Guide
  • 14
    Course Video Transcripts
    • Email Marketing: From Hot Mess to Mega Success Training Guide
  • 15
    Course Audio
    • Email Marketing: From Hot Mess to Mega Success in 7 Days
  • 16
    Digital Duchess Facebook Page
    • How to Access The Digital Duchess Facebook Page